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Caldera Records, founded in 2013, has been dedicated to releasing international soundtracks in editions that offer the highest qualities. Every edition of a released soundtrack features a detailed booklet-text, an exclusive audio-commentary by the composer and an elegant artwork to enhance the appreciation of the art of the best current soundtracks from around the world, making our products to precious study objects – the best way to enjoy good film music!

Meet The Team

Stephan Eicke (Caldera)

Stephan Eicke (Caldera)

Since, 2008 Stephan Eicke writes articles and essays and conducts interviews for the printed film music magazine Cinema Musica and is their editor-in-chief since 2012. Furthermore, he writes booklet-texts for CD-releases and reviews as well as articles for the established magazine Splatting Image. He is responsible for film music-reviews in the Austrian film magazine ray. Since 2012, he writes the music for the successful audioplay-series “Sherlock Holmes: Die neuen Fälle” and “Sigurd – Der ritterliche Held”. He is the co-founder of Caldera Records and produces the CD-releases from the first until the very last step in production.