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Caldera Records is proud to present the score for the motion picture “Ambition” from 1991, directed by Scott Goldstein, featuring music by Leonard Rosenman.
Actor and writer Lou Diamond Phillips developed a story about an aspiring writer who has trouble finding a job, and has to support himself – as most aspiring writers do – by working odd jobs. His character Mitchell Osgood runs a bookstore when one day he stumbles across a potentially interesting story. If he can investigate and write it down, so Mitchell thinks, it could be his big break as a journalist. The subject of his investigation is a man named Albert Merrick, a serial killer who is up for parole. Who is this man, Mitchell wonders, and what motivated him to commit the awful crimes he was sentenced for?
One of the stars of the film is, undoubtedly, a man behind the scenes: Leonard Rosenman. It was clear to Rosenman and Scott Goldstein that the score should have a progressive, rather than conventional harmonic structure. They agreed that this would help to underscore Merrick’s (the antagonist) horrific, troubling visions and this approach would help capture his state of mind musically. Goldstein suggested Rosenman play him some of his concert music as a blueprint for “Ambition”. Encouraged to be able to draw upon his “progressive” work for the concert stage, Rosenman presented Goldstein with “Foci”, a work for chamber orchestra that the composer had written in 1981 and revised in 1983. Goldstein loved what he heard and commenced to use “Foci” as temp music for “Ambition”. “Foci” is an atonal piece, complex and full of anxiety – exactly what Goldstein needed for his motion picture.
The 31st CD-release of Caldera Records – a world premiere – features a detailed booklet-text by Stephan Eicke and elegant artwork by Luis Miguel Rojas. The CD was produced by Stephan Eicke and John Elborg.

Music Composed and Conducted by Leonard Rosenman
Album Produced by Stephan Eicke
Executive Producers for Caldera Records: John Elborg, Stephan Eicke

1. Main Titles (3:23)
2. A New Project (1:31)
3. A Sleepless Night (1:40)
4. Albert Merrick (0:27)
5. The Worst Nightmare of the Day (1:48)
6. Confrontation (1:24)
7. What Makes Him Tick? (1:01)
8. Visions (0:41)
9. Room 301 (1:51)
10. Brave and Brutal (1:02)
11. A Good Friend of Mine (0:37)
12. Cancer, Psychosis, Anything (0:49)
13. Does It Hurt? (1:22)
14. A Matter of Timing (1:40)
15. Where is Mitchell? (0:45)
16. Cat and Mouse (2:02)
17. On Knife’s Edge (1:20)
18. Help Me Out (3:35)
19. On a Sinister Mission (1:26)
20. Jordan (1:04)
21. A Tasty Drug (0:54)
22. Against the Clock (4:12)
23. The Final Duel (0:55)
24. End Credits (3:51)

Listen to a 5 min clip here:

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“This is an undiscovered gem by Leonard Rosenman. It is an elaborate score, impressionistic at times, far away from conventional approaches to action films or thrillers. It is very sophisticated and exquisitely crafted.”

“Rosenman’s music here is intricate, multi-layered and perfect for the movie. However, on balance it feels like a disconnected collection of music cues rather than a soundtrack album in its own right. [...] I’m pleased that Caldera has managed to acquire the rights to release this as fans of Rosenman’s work will relish the opportunity to finally own it. It’s an important work, just not something that is engaging enough to warrant listening to too often.”

“Honestly never heard of this film, but know the actors and definitely know the work of this composer. Starting out strong as we take the path of a little innocence, we begin to feel it’s certain strength and musical intentions. Suspense and intrigue are as to follow, nice use of plotting sounds and a theme that hold their own.”

  1. Jurgen van Amerongen
    Jurgen van Amerongen06-03-2019

    Hi, I like to thank you for this great Rosenman release, a wonderful surprise! The same goes for THE BABY by Gerry Fried. I do hope Caldera continue releasing music by Leonard Rosenman and Gerald Fried in the future? Caldera released great releases by amazing composers over the Years, i’am greatful that fans of filmmusic have labels who put there love and money to preserve these Treasures like you, cudos. Is there maybe a chance that composer John Addison is on your radar for a future release? Please continue the great work you do and great it is! Sincerly yours, Jurgen van Amerongen.

    • Elborg

      Dear Jurgen,
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we will continue releasing music by Leonard Rosenman and Gerald Fried. However, here are currently no releases of John Addison’s work planned. But who knows …?

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