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Caldera Records is proud to present the original score for the television movie Pollyanna from 2003, based on the well-known series of children’s books and with a score by Christopher Gunning who presents one of his loveliest scores here. Written for chamber orchestra and recorded in London, Pollyanna features several strong themes which make the score instantly recognizable and easy to hum with the main theme portraying the childlike innocence of its title character Pollyanna. The young girl moves in with her aunt Polly, played by Amanda Burton, whose cold heart gets softened by her niece. Gunning became well-known in film music circles with his famous theme for Agatha Christie’s Poirot, composed When the Whales Came, Cold Lazarus, Grace of Monaco and of course La vie en rose which earned him one of four BAFTA awards. As a bonus, we included an insightful audio-commentary by Christopher Gunning who talks about his career and the concept of this specific score. The sixth CD-release of Caldera Records features a detailed booklet-text by Gergely Hubai and elegant artwork by Luis Miguel Rojas. The CD was produced by Stephan Eicke and John Elborg.

Music Composed by Christopher Gunning

Album Produced by Stephan Eicke
Executive Producers for Caldera Records: John Elborg, Stephan Eicke
Produced by ITV
Music Recorded at Lansdowne Recording Studios
Conductor: Christopher Gunning
Orchestrators: Christopher Gunning

1. Opening Titles (1:51)
2. Arriving at Aunt Pollys (1:09)
3. Not Much of a Welcome (1:37)
4. Pollyanna Climbs out of the Window (1:09)
5. The New Car (1:15)
6. Nocturne (2:15)
7. Pollyanna Goes Visiting (1:36)
8. Pollyanna has a Dog (0:39)
9. Aunt Polly Softens (1:26)
10. Goodness is Waiting (0:46)
11. Pollyanna Running to Fetch the Doctor (1:22)
12. A New Hairdo for Aunt Polly (1:16)
13. Preparing for the Wedding (1:13)
14. Pollyanna – A Lifelong Invalid (0:47)
15. Pray that She May Walk Again (1:55)
16. Doctor Chilton to the Rescue (0:46)
17. Treatment for Pollyana (1:51)
18. Pollyanna’s Father (0:42)
19. The New Room (0:34)
20. She Said Yes (0:28)
21. Pendleton Visits Aunt Polly (0:44)
22. Pollyanna’s Beautiful Game (0:53)
23. Closing Title (0:54)

24. Audio Commentary by Christopher Gunning (25:35)

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“One of the special aspects of this film is the charming, lyrical yet brief romantic score by British composer Christopher Gunning that really is a wonderful surprise and a great revelation despite its’ brevity. A score full of sweep, tender romance and sparkling throughout, this is one of the best albums that Caldera Records has put out so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of their greatest best sellers. The music on this album is just too pretty and lush not to win you over or pull on your heart strings just a little bit. It is a score full of thematic material which is now unheard of in alot of film scores and it is really a great and rare opportunity to hear a wonderful score such as this one resurface a decade after the film was released. Caldera Record’s album is a terrific release that easily deserves alot of great attention and is an excellent example of what a wonderful release or discovery a soundtrack label would release or take a major chance on despite this version of the “Pollyanna” story being forgotten after ten years. This easily the best Christopher Gunning score I’ve heard and I’m very thrilled that it was a charming one like this one.”
‘Best of 2014′
Danny Gonzalez, The Examiner.com

“Thankfully, Gunning knows how to get across an adolescent’s spoonfuls of sunray smile sugars without inducing musical diabetes. And he’s got a smart, sweet theme that’s sure to warm over even the grinchiest of soundtrack fans. Gunning’s “Pollyanna spreads its happiness through beautifully delicate strings and pianos, wistful flutes and bell percussion gradually working over the emotions with a distinctive sense of early 20th century time and place.”
Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Mag.com

““Pollyana” calls me out to play with her, makes me care for her and it makes me smile while listening to it and imagining that little girl running and playing in the yard. It makes me want to tuck her in at night and tell her a story and this score also makes me want to protect her innocence and dreams for a long as I can. Yes, I love this score…it is an instant classic for me and it might make me read the story to my little girl…”
Soundtrack Dreams.com

“Built around a lovely main theme voiced frequently with simple harmonies that permeates the score in multiple musical guises, Gunning’s Pollyanna is a delight, capturing the sense of innocence possessed by the title character without shirking the need for honest tension the story needs during moments of peril and injury (the dour “Nocturne,” the down-hearted “Pray that She May Walk Again”).  Alternate themes include a wistful romantic melodic for spinster Aunt Polly, whose stern attitude softens when she finds love (“She Said Yes,” middle part of “Aunt Polly Softens” and second half of “Preparing for the Wedding”), and a general motif capturing the spirit of Pollyanna’s optimistic nature (“Polyanna Goes Visiting,” “Treatment for Pollyanna”).  The score is designed for a standard orchestra, with flutes and oboes favored amidst a wash of flavorful strings, all of which makes up a thoroughly enjoyable, fanciful presentation.”
Randall Larson, Buysoundtrax.com

“With its direct emotional appeal the soundtrack for Pollyanna is easy to recommend. The sunny atmosphere of this little score is heart warming and the melodies Gunning spins never overstay their welcome on the short album. It is a rather old fashioned score in its approach but that is where much of its charm lies. For the fans of the composer this is a must but I would suggest this as a fine way to introduce yourself to the music and career of Christopher Gunning as it carries many of his trademark qualities,a fine ear for melody, fantastic orchestrations and mastery of the orchestra and a keen sense of drama. Thus Pollyanna receives a warm recommendation.”

“Gunning succeeds in delivering a delightful score with several strong themes including the one for Pollyanna which is perfect for this optimistic child. Although the programme is relatively short, do not miss it!”
Olivier Soudé, Underscores.fr

“The music is dominated by one theme, light and flowery and relentlessly happy – perhaps evoking in spirit if not compositional style the great Georges Delerue.  It is so full of joy it would surely bring a smile to all but the most haggard of faces – sentimental perhaps, but it has to be.  It’s not entirely monothematic though and there are plenty of punctuating set pieces with a similarly summery outlook.  The “darker” moments in the score are only slightly so – hints only of sadness, routinely quickly overtaken.  It’s a short score, a smidgen under half an hour, and made up primarily of short cues, but Gunning is a class act and it holds together very nicely, an album easy to listen to several times in a single sitting.  As a bonus, Caldera’s disc includes a 26-minute interview with the composer.  Pollyanna is absolutely lovely.”
James Southall, Movie-Wave.net

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